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The Healy can improve your physical and mental wellbeing - listen to what other users have to say

"Healy is the most holistic product, that have come across in my career as an alternative practitioner"

BIANCA, non-medical practitioner
"I'm just completely in love with my Healy! I'm using it for my mental and physical wellbeing, I even use it for better sleep as well"

VERGINIA, customer
"Healy is my little personal teasure box. I love using Healy. It has helped me with a lot of things, like my skin problems, my period cramps, epicondylitis..."

LAURA, opera singer
"The analysis module of the Healy I love the most! Because you can get a lot of insights by self reflecting and getting information about what is blocking you....."

ANNE, Health and life coach

Remarkable reduction of the pain

I used the Healy product on my lower back. After a twelve hour flight, an old dormant wound had become incredibly painful again.

I used the Healy twice over the following two weeks and noticed a remarkable reduction in the pain. My 12 hour flight back home was definitely less painful.“

ELISA, user

This is unbelievable but true!

"Almost like a miracle! 💫

My partner has had bad breath for about 5 years.
He tried everything possible, tried all known dietary supplements and yet it didn't get better, but rather worse. It smelled very intense and toxic. However, the doctors said everything was fine. 🙈

8 weeks ago I put the MagHealy on his stomach on 2 consecutive days (in total there were about 4 x the detoxification program and about 3 x the kidney program).👍

The result is hard to believe: since then he has had no more bad breath. Absolutely everything gone!👍
This is unbelievable but true! We are very pleased! Thanks to the MagHealy! 💫 Greetings Daniela E. 💛“

DANIELA E., customer

I could see how the situation relaxed

"This is my Filou.An old gentleman of 14 years and gave me a scare yesterday. In the evening around 10 p.m. he suddenly crouched there completely apathetically with shortness of breath. I heard how badly he sucked in his breath. With his mouth still closed.

I immediately gave him the Healy with the coil and turned on the Vata program.

I could almost see how the situation relaxed. After about 20 minutes, he stretched out his paws and turned onto his side.

His breathing became calmer and calmer. Then he started purring again. I didn't take my eyes off him. After 2 hours he ran around with his happy 5 minutes as if the incident hadn't happened."



"Healy helps me to be powerful!"

DAGMARA K., customer
"Healy is a gamechanger! ....When I am attacked with migraine, I use the Healy for 20min and the pain is almost gone…"

REBECCA, customer
"Healy helped me to reduce my acne..."

ALBRECHT, Healy user

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