Why network marketing with Healy & the Frequency Abundance Team?


Join the Frequency Abundance Team

Business opportunities 

There are many business opportunities at network marketing companies, that you could choose from, but we did our research and have many reasons why we have chosen Healy World and this amazing global team.

We believe in co-creation instead of competition

With the Frequency Abundance Team you become part of one of the most successful Healy teams on the planet.

This gives you access to special resources, that are nowhere else available.

Plus we have an incredible team spirit and lots of fun working as a team 😊.

We lift each other up, and we believe in making business out of high frequencies and abundance, not out of  lack or competition.


We rise together.


A Strong Compensation Plan

Healy World has - in our opinion  - an amazing compensation plan, and quite a few of us have reached profits of five figures within their  first month at Healy World.

Of course this is not a guarantee, that you will have the same results - but this shows us, that the opportunity to reach financial freedom we get here is huge.

Other Benefits we love about being a Healy World Member

Also Healy World often gives away free Healys for their members, if you reach certain goals.

This allows you to earn many free Healy devices and use them to increase your business even more - because then the Healy does the work for you.


HEALY - a product, that is nowhere else available

Another reason for us to be part of the Healy Company -instead of another network marketing opportunity - is that almost everyone we give the Healy to test doesn’t want to give it back!


People feel what the Healy can do for them, so we don’t even need to sell the Healy - the Healy sells itself. 😊

You don’t need to be a sales person to join our team.

You just need to have a passion for the product. If you love the Healy - you are in the right place with our Frequency Abundance Team.

Send us an e-mail at

[email protected]

now and learn how you can become part of our  global team.


There’s no catch & no monthly fees to be part of our team. 


What is so special about the Frequency Abundance Team?

With our team you get access to many specialists with different abilities, who have gathered in this co-creative space.

Exclusively in our team you get access to our

Frequency Abundance Academy.

In this academy we teach you not just everything about Healy, but also everything about how to become successful, if you choose to join Healy as a business.

Regularly live Zoom calls (recordings included) to help you become truly successful and financially free.

We are global network of light workers, who have discovered netw​​ork marketing with Healy as the perfect way to create freedom for us and our families.

What makes our team so unique, is that we all have different abilities - and together we can teach you everything you need to know to take your future into your own hands.

We are connected to the most influential people at Healy World

and can open many doors worldwide for you,

if you really want to make big business.

Come join our Frequency Abundance Team!


Write us at:  [email protected]

There’s no catch & no monthly fees to be part of our team. 

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